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Zoë was focused on participants’ experiences, concerns and questions throughout the workshop, keeping examples and content targeted to us. Our experiential learning was enhanced through her dramas and her lighthearted challenges to think through issues presented. I will remember CPR techniques more vividly because of all these reasons.

Maureen Nowlan
Standard First Aid & CPR with a Yoga Bend

→ November 21, 2013

This course was well run. The information was presented in a very accessible way, with plenty of hands on learning to really help the knowledge sink in, and fully respectful of the emotions of highly sensitive yogis. Thank you Zoë. Your passion for First Aid and Yoga clearly shined.

Andrea Chute, Yoga Teacher
Standard First Aid & CPR with a Yoga Bend

→ November 21, 2013

Working with Zoë was an incredible experience; when we first met she touched my heart with her powerful story and inspired me with herinsightful words of wisdom. Zoë has a unique talent for both soulfulness & creativity which shows up in her amazing work. I have never met anyone who lives with as much heartful connection & thoughtfulness as Zoë.

Sarah Hart, Designer
Sarah Hart Creative

→ November 6, 2013

I always leave Zoë’s class with a smile on my face and a feeling of peace and balance.

Aimée Redmond
Yoga Lessons

→ April 16, 2013

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